3 Pillars of BDSS

Our purpose is to create a  Data Science Community enabling us to collectively build Data Science the right way, through three core elements:


Our real-world industry experts, including hiring managers and experienced data scientists, show those who want to become data scientists how to be extremely strong candidates.


The Mentors Cafe provides a forum so that data scientists of any experience level can find mentors that will enable them to grow professionally.


The Roundtable is an opportunity for data science leaders to come together and share their challenges, techniques, and solutions to better lead data science in their respective organizations.

What Participants Say About BDSS

Helping each other build a data science community of success

“Congratulations on a fantastically executed summit. Kudos on creating an environment where the we (the DS leaders) can share this (our challenges at work) easily.”
Sunanda KoduvayurWayfair
“Great conference! Very well done!”
Joe de FoleschampeBerkshire Group
“Great job at organizing the summit ! Truly enjoyed it. My team members enjoyed it too. Let’s keep the momentum going.”
Prakriteswar SantikaryERT
“You were both exemplary in how to run a conference of this kind.”
Narayanan (KK) KrishnakumarDell

BDSS Community

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Call For NYC Summit Exhibitors

Get in touch if you’re interested in presenting your company and products at our future events!

Why You Should Attend

Helping each other build a data science community of success

“Becoming a successful data scientist is a winding road – it’s much more than mathematical modeling. BDSS will help accelerate you across the career spectrum by giving you customized advice on how to improve through real-world data science mentors. Our goal is to establish 500 of these relationships in 2017.”
JOHN BAKERConference Organizer
“This Summit is a resourceful community of Data Scientists who have an interest and passion to grow and to succeed in this industry. I hope everyone who attends will come with an open mind of giving and learning.”
ADA WONGSummit Chairwoman
“There is a lot for each of us to learn from each other, both for relative newcomers to the data science scene and those of us who have been around the block a few times. The summit is a great opportunity for us to come together as a community and share our experiences.”
Chris McCubbinSqrll
“Data science is an emerging field with a wide range of applications. The BDS Summit provides a great platform for data scientists across different levels and industries to exchange ideas, advance professional skills as well as career path at the same time.”
“I think that your idea with the mentorship program will be very helpful for aspiring data scientists or anybody that utilizes data-driven decisioning processes. Good data science is more than just algorithms and data wrangling.”
Jens MeyerCognition Financial

Sponsors & Partners

Thanks the below partners for their continuous support and commitment to the inaugural BDSS that took place on June 24 in Boston, as well to the community!



  • 902 Broadway, 4th Fl, NY 10010
  • info@buildingdata.science
  • (617) 800-5130
  • 7:30 - 22:00